Privacy Policy

Are you associated with Chaturbate?
No, we're not affiliated with Chaturbate.

What's the purpose of this site?
We provide a forum to rate and review cam models. Web camming has become a business and businesses should have reviews and ratings to warn the public about bad players and reward others for good behaviors. When money changes hands there should be accountability.

Why get an account here?
You can only post a review if you are a member of this site. Anyone can post a rating, but members ratings hold more weight. Members can also create profiles, photo albums, blogs and chatrooms - a "webcamming" community. Webcam models are encouraged to create an account and post exclusive content. Although there is no "charging" of members for the site - you can password protect galleries and blogs. Accounts are free.

Does this site violate copyright laws?
No. This site hosts no Chaturbate content or media. The images on this site are hotlinked directly from Chaturbates servers. We mearly act like a 'search' engine, displaying their content as it resides on their site. Model images will appear if the model is currently online, or has logged off within the last hour - otherwise they show the Chaturbate logo. We also provide links to the Chaturbate models page - encouraging users to frequent their channel.

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